New Canadians Make
All The Difference


That's A Problem FOR EVERYONE.

Future Canadians are Canada's future.

Newcomers are younger and better educated than the average Canadian.

They're responsible for almost 100% of population and labour force growth.

If Team Canada isn't appealing to newcomers anymore, our future prosperity is in jeopardy.

Canada's Difference Makers is a campaign in support of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship.
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These numbers speak for themselves
drop in uptake of Canadian citizenship between 2001 and 2021

Source: Statistics Canada
decrease in Canada's immigrant retention rate since 2017

Source: The Conference Board of Canada
of newcomers under 30 plan to leave Canada within two years

Source: Léger
of us lose if newcomers lose faith Canada
Canoo into Canada
Canoo member, Rahul G. enjoying free access to national and provincial parks thanks to Canoo

Meet the difference makers

adrienne clarkson

The Canada's Difference Makers campaign honours immigrant Canadians who have improved Canada for centuries – by becoming citizens and contributing their talents and energies to our shared success.

Meet all 40 Difference Makers

HERE'S the difference we make

Amidst record declines in immigrant retention and plummeting demand for Canadian citizenship, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship is restoring Canada’s appeal to the newcomers who propel us forward. 

THe Canoo Access Pass

Mother and child looking at dinosaur in museum

Canoo is the ultimate welcome experience, providing newcomers with free entry to over 1,400 of our country's best culture and nature experiences, plus incredible deals on concerts, sports, travel, and so much more.

Canoo works. 86% of Canoo members feel more attached to Canada after just one year.

We now serve over 250,000 people -- more than all other Canadian settlement services combined, for about 0.5% of the cost.



The Institute for Canadian Citizenship is launching the Canada's Difference Makers campaign to honour our founders, the Rt. Hon Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul, as they pass the torch to new leadership.
We were inspired by real Difference Makers who make Canada stronger and more vibrant. This campaign honours them too.

Hear their stories. Learn what's at stake for all Canadians.
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OUR LEADERS (from left)

Irfhan Rawji, Chair
Daniel Bernhard, CEO
Institute for Canadian Citizenship
Immigration isn't just about compassion. It's about ambition for Canada.
Irfhan Rawji and Daniel Bernhard
Chair and CEO
Institute for Canadian Citizenship


With your support, we can help 1,000,000 newcomers fall in love with Canada.

This Institute for Canadian Citizenship is unlike most charities. We make a big impact on such a huge scale. Today, we serve nearly 250,000 people through our Canoo Access Pass, more than all other newcomer-serving organizations combined – for less than 0.5% of the cost.

Canada needs us to be bigger. Donate today to unlock Canada for 1,000,000 newcomers so that the next generation of Difference Makers can become Canadian and drive us forward.